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30 Jun 2017
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What Weight Lifting Equipment Is Right For You


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Posted By Armando O.

When purchasing weight lifting equipment it is important to decide what kind of exercises you want to do and what areas you want to improve. Most exercises will usually focus on specific areas, so it is important to gauge what equipment will give you the benefits you want to gain from them.

If you are new to weight lifting and want a varied workout then you may be best starting off with dumbbells. Instructors often recommend these for beginners as you can do various workout routines without any storage problems. They are also relatively cheaper than other weights.

Machines such as the hack squat machine and the Smith machine were developed especially for this kind of exercise. This was said to be invented by the famous American fitness self improvement guru Jack LaLanne and then developed by Ruddy Smith, a manager of a fitness studio in Los Angeles.

For more specialized workouts you may want to invest in barbells or a Smith machine. The Smith machine is named after Ruddy Smith, a health club manager in Los Angeles who developed it from a design by the famous fitness instructor Jack LaLanne. You can perform both upper and lower body exercises using the machine and it is considered one of the safest pieces of equipment to use. If you have enough space in your room this can be a useful addition to your exercise regime.

A lot of exercises that use specialized equipment can also be done with dumbbells. These include leg curls, a great exercise for the hamstrings. A deadlift is a good overall exercise and is simple to do. Quite simply it involves squatting down to pick up the weights and standing upright. Widening the stance works the inner thighs, while a straight legged deadlift focus on the lower back.

When using weights, you may want to consider accessories such as belts and gloves. Weight lifting gloves help prevent blisters on the hands, while a belt can help support your body as you lift. Alternatively you can purchase specialist weight lifting chalk to help you grip the weights. It is important to be careful though as improper application of belts or other accessories can cause long term damage.

There are many ways of testing to see if weight lifting equipment is right for you. Many gyms offer free membership trials, so it is a good opportunity to ask advice for what equipment is suitable for your individual needs. Demonstration videos will show you how to use it safely, while comparison sites will show you how to get the best equipment for the cheapest price.

Comments (11)

By Linda W. on JUL 4 2017 @ 6:09PM

My friend just moved and gave me a set of weights, hopefully that will get me started on working out a little bit more

By Jackie K. on JUL 3 2017 @ 8:05PM

There's a high-end new gym that just opened down the street, I've gotta go check it out!

By Joshua M. on JUL 3 2017 @ 3:10PM

Check your form by looking at the mirrors, that's what they're there for.

By Josh M. on JUL 3 2017 @ 12:23PM

I worked out three times this week...mission accomplised.

By Harley M. on JUL 2 2017 @ 7:04PM

I've finally got a good routine down on some favorite exercises for lower body stuff.

By Gilbert B. on JUL 2 2017 @ 11:07AM

I'm not sure if perfect pushups count as equipment, but it's been my most used lately.

By Bret H. on JUL 2 2017 @ 8:13AM

Give me a bench and some dumbbells and I'm good to go.

By Rocky K. on JUL 1 2017 @ 7:08PM

Sign up at 24 hour fitness, they're the best deal all around.

By Wilbert G. on JUL 1 2017 @ 6:07PM

Don't let other people in the gym make you think you should do something that you don't need to. Fitness is for you, nobody else.

By Claire C. on JUL 1 2017 @ 11:10AM

For some reason, almost every chest press machine hurts my shoulders, but I finally found one that's perfect! Only problem is, I'm moving away from this gym soon :(

By Tommy M. on JAN 6 2017 @ 7:02PM

This article brings up a good point, weight lifting is not one size fits all, you gotta find what's best for you.

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