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5 Jul 2017
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Weight Lifting And Overtraining, Don't Let It Affect Your Gains


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Posted By William F.

You obviously are trying to get yourself in shape. If you aren't spending hours in the gym doing intense weight training, you are probably not going to achieve your desired results, and may think about enhancing your program. However, keep in mind that you must not overtrain.

To avoid overtraining you need to make sure you give your body a break between workouts. The rest and break will help repair and beheld the muscle that is being broken down in overtraining.

To understand overtraining, you first have to understand that when you are building muscle, you're actually breaking muscle down. You're not building the muscle in the gym, really. Instead, what you're doing is breaking down muscle in the gym and producing tiny injuries in the muscle that then must heal and repair. When these injuries heal and repair, they heal and repair stronger than they were previously. Therefore, when you're building muscle, you're actually breaking down muscle first, and then letting your body rest and repair in between; this process is what actually builds muscle.

Overtraining deprives your body of needed rest and does not allow it to adequately build and repair itself between workouts. In fact, as opposed to destroying muscle, you're actually building muscle when you notice this. Worse than that, though, you're actually hurting yourself in a number of other ways, too. Find out about these symptoms to see do you really training to much.

There are steps that you can take, if this is the case, to improve it and get back on track building muscle. You'll notice that before anything else. Overtraining is an intensity of exercising that often shows results in fatigue. If your workout includes overtraining it is likely that you will notice other symptoms as well.

Letting yourself recover after a workout is necessary so that your testosterone levels do not drop.

As unbelievable as it sounds, you could get chubbier and bigger. You might gain weight you don't want to, in the form of fat. In continuing to overtrain, you will in effect be breaking down fat burning muscle without building it back up, as well as increasing your cortisol levels. There is a stress hormone called Cortisol that makes the body want to hold onto and retain the fat that is present, especially in the stomach area.

Overtraining is a good way to make your immune system break down and become weaker. The reason is that it is trying to cope with your body's constant state of inflammation due to sore and damaged muscles. So if you find yourself getting colds and flu more easily, slow down. When you incorporate a good bodybuilding regimen, it should make you less likely to come down with the flu or a cold, not more likely.

Finally, keep in mind that when you overtrain, you're losing more muscle than you are gaining. This is the opposite of what you actually want to accomplish, and a good bodybuilding routine will assist you in achieving the muscle you want as well as avoiding the symptoms that you do not.

When you're bodybuilding, your pattern should be one day of intense weightlifting followed by one day of rest. Do heavy duty lifting three to four days a week and give yourself a day off in between intense workouts. It's a good idea to do some light cardio on your rest days, but the big point here is that you should be resting your muscles from heavy duty lifting. They need time to recover and to repair. This is what's going to help you bulk up in a good way, with muscle.

Even if your body is resting, it cannot repair and replenish itself until it's got the tools to do so. That means that nutrition is just as important as rest is. You should choose lean potatoes fruits and vegetables, and whole grains over junk food like potato chips. Quality nutritious calories that will charge you and supply your body with strength after training. If you follow this workout, you will begin to see results quite quickly and start to feel much better as well.

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By Antoine L. on JUL 9 2017 @ 8:07PM

Someone told me about a guy that was squatting a rediculous amount of weight, and a vein in his neck actually ruptured while he was doing it....not sure if that was true, but scared me anyway.

By Scotty B. on JUL 8 2017 @ 9:22PM

You're not gonna get anywhere if you're getting hurt

By Oscar D. on JUL 8 2017 @ 9:16PM

I have more of a problem with under-training :)

By Esteban K. on JUL 8 2017 @ 8:20PM

Kinda hard to know sometimes how much is too much.

By Jake T. on JUL 8 2017 @ 8:01PM

Pay attention to getting proper nutrition between workouts, and that will do you a lot more good than trying to do it all the time.

By Vernon E. on JUL 8 2017 @ 10:10AM

If you feel like something hurts when you're doing it, it's probably not a good idea.

By Lionel F. on JUL 7 2017 @ 9:12PM

Most people don't let their muscles recover long enough, but giving them time to repair is as important as working them out

By Vernon E. on JUL 7 2017 @ 1:21PM

I wish I had time to overtrain

By Denis P. on JUL 7 2017 @ 9:22AM

Are they talking about just lifting more than you can handle, or doing it too often? Well, probably both I guess.

By Jackie K. on JUL 6 2017 @ 11:01AM

Working out really does get addictive after a while

By Dale V. on JAN 5 2017 @ 7:14PM


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